If you think you have Coronavirus or other flu-like symptoms such as seasonal flu

Update 15th April  2020

Please note, due to the current coronavirus pandemic and in view of latest Public Health Guidance, we will be screening all patients before attending the Practice for an appointment.  See 'take action now' below':

Take action now

Step 1: Do not attend the GP Surgery unless you have been invited to do so either following a telephone consultation or an econsultation via our website. Read below for more information.

Step 2: If you are experiening symptoms and have stopped doing your usual activities, call 111 immediately by clicking here 111 or complete the online checker here

Step 3:If you are experiencing symptoms but feel well enough to continue your usual activities, you need to stay away from people for at least the next 7 days and until your symptoms have gone if your symptoms last longer than 7 days. Click -here- for more information about self-isolation and the coronavirus.

Step 4:  For all other health matters, please visit our econsultation page by clicking here. You can use econsulations for health problems, sick notes, repeat and new medication requests for example. If you are unable to use the econsultation service, please call the surgery.

What should I do?

If there is a chance you might have Coronavirus, you should call 111. You must NOT go to the GP Surgery. This is to prevent and limit the spread of Coronavirus or seasonal influenza.

If after calling 111 you are advised that you do not have the Coronavirus but are likely to have seasonal influenza, then you should complete the online consultation for influenza, which will then be reviewed by a clinician. The clinician will then provide further advice to you and, if necessary, treatment, including appropriate medication and/or referral.  Click here to complete an online consultation. 

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