Online consultation submitted when we are closed will be actioned next working day. Online consultations received when we are open will normally be reviewed and actioned the same day. If receive an online consultation in the afternoon, we will endeavour to action that afternoon, but by the next working day at the latest. 

If you are *not* registered with us yet as a patient, you can register during your online consultation saving you time and ensuring that your consultation needs are reviewed quickly by a real health professional. Please note, you can download our smartphone app and access all our online services from our app as well as your browser by clicking here.


Doctors and Nurses follow clinical guidelines that outline the types of questions that should be asked in response to symptoms and potential diagnosis. The results of such questions can then lead to a formal diagnosis, a referral to a specialist, a prescription for medication, advice and treatment, for example.

There are a number of health symptoms that can be assessed via questionnaires / online health assessments.  These do *not* replace a health professional. Unlike AI, all health questionnaires completed by our patients will be reviewed by a staff member for further action.  Nor do these replace face to face appointments. A face to face appointment will be offered if it is clinically necessary (for example where a diagnosis is needed). However, if a face to face appointment is not necessary, we wish to save you the time and trouble of negotiation time off work to visit us when in fact it may be we can address your health need via an online questionnaire and subsequent follow up by us (e.g. prescription, sick note, telephone call initiated by us).


Is it a real consultation?  Yes it is. They are the same evidence-based questions a Doctor or Nurse will ask you if you had a face to face consultation.

But doesn't it need a Doctor or Nurse to make a diagnosis or decide on next steps?  Yes it does.  Every patient who submits an online consultaiton will have their consultation reviewed by an appropriate clinician. They will then make a a clinical assessment on what next steps or actions might be necessary.

Can a Doctor or Nurse really make a diagnosis without seeing me?  It depends. Some conditions require an examination, blood pressure reading or diagnostic test, for example. If this is required then we will contact you to arrange an appropriate appointment.

How soon will I hear from the Practice after submitting an online consultation? We will normally respond within 24 working hours.  Remember, you can complete an online consultatation even when we are closed and we guarantee these will be reviewed when we are open.

What if my health problem is an emergency or urgent? Each condition has specific questions that will help ascertain whether your health problem requires urgent or routine attention.  If it is urgent or an emergency, the online consultaiton will advise immediate next steps you must take.

Why would I want to use an online consultation rather than make a face to face appointment with a real person? Your online consultation will be reviewed by a real clinician. Many health problems do not require a face to face appointment and so we are offering this service to save you the inconvenience of calling, booking and attending face to face for an appointment, which often causes difficulty with work and other personal commitments.

What about sick notes, prescriptions, hospital referrals and tests?  If you need a sick note, we will issue you one following an online consultation just as we would do during a face to face consultation. If your completed online consultation suggests a prescription, hospital referral, diagnostic test or other action, we will carry this out as normally, ensuring that you are fully engaged in the process. For example, we may call you to discuss your medication requirements or advise regarding a referral.

Is it safe?  The questions you will be asked are the same questions you would be asked during a face to face consultation. Your answers will inform the clinician who will make diagnosis, advice treatment, issue medication, referral or carry out any other action as is clinically appropriate, and with your agreement.

My my consultation really be reviewed by a clinician if I complete via the website or smartphone app?  Yes!