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Opening hours Monday to Friday (8am to 6.30pm)

Bramley Village Health and Wellbeing Centre

Middleton Park GP Surgery

Cottingley GP Surgery

Opening hours Monday to Friday (8am to 6.30pm)

How we offer health care to our patients at our GP Surgery

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To book, amend or cancel an appointment online, click here, otherwise call the number at the bottom of this page.

How do I access services when I need them?


If you or someone you care for feels ill, you have several options:


Self-medicate: This is advisable if you have experienced the illness before and are confident in how to manage it on your own.

eConsultation: Start an e-consultation by clicking ‘Start E-consultation’ at the top of this page. For more details, refer to the information provided below.

Pharmacy Advice: Call the pharmacy for advice. The ‘Which NHS Service’ page offers guidance on when to utilise pharmacy services.

GP Surgery: For information on when to access services from your GP surgery, see the ‘Which NHS Service’ page. You can call or visit the surgery based on the urgency of your medical needs.

Dial 111: Consult the ‘Which NHS Service’ page to determine when to call 111 for NHS advice.

Dial 999: In case of an emergency, call 999 immediately.


If you decide to call or visit the surgery, please consider the following:


eConsultations: You may be asked to complete an econsultation if it is clincially appropriate to do so and you have access to a computer or smartphone.  

Urgent Appointments: Contact us between 8 AM and 8:30 AM for a same-day appointment if you have urgent medical concerns.

Unexpected Medical Issues: If issues arise later in the day, call us immediately to check the availability of an appointment. You may be asked to complete an eConsultation depending on your health need.

Non-Urgent Appointments: You can call at any time for non-urgent appointments; however, calling after 9 AM is preferable. Our surgery hours are from 8 AM to 6:30 PM. Depending on availability, we may be able to offer a same-day appointment, or schedule one for a future date. 


Availability of Appointments:


Please be aware that the number of appointments available each day is limited. Therefore, we prioritise patients with urgent health needs for same-day bookings. If you are unable to secure an appointment, the surgery will review your situation to ensure that it is safe for you to wait or to provide alternative options for seeking medical advice.


Choosing the Right Clinician:


For information regarding the types of clinicians available and whom you should book with, please see the details provided below.

What appointments are available?


There are a number of consultations where we need to see you face-to-face to make a diagnosis safely, e.g., chest infections, ear infections. If this is the case, the receptionist will direct you to a face-to-face appointment.

Below is a list of appointment types we currently offer:


eConsultations: These allow you to access healthcare digitally through our website. These consultations cover common medical problems. When you complete the form, it will then be reviewed by a clinician who will arrange for appropraite treatment. This could be either a prescription sent to your chemist, self-management advice, a referral, or a face-to-face or telephone appointment.

Face to Face: A specific time for the appointment will be agreed upon.

Telephone: The clinician will call you either in the morning or the afternoon. If you miss the phone call, they will send a text message stating they will try a second time, usually 10 minutes later.

Home Visits:  For patients who are defined by the NHS as truly housebound and there is a clinical need for a home visit.

How do I access appointments (including urgent appointments)?


  • Complete an eConsultation by clicking on the link at the top of this page called "Start eConsultation"


  • If you have an urgent medical need, call the Practice using one of the numbers below.


  • If you require a routine face to face or telephone appointment or a home visit, call the surgery.


  • If you do not have access to a telephone you can visit the surgery to book an appointment.


  • If you have access to the internet you can book a face to face appointment via this website (subject to availability) by clicking here.


  • If you have never booked an appointment online and require login details or if you are having difficulties logging on, please call the surgery.

What should I expect when I contact the Practice to book an appointment?



When you contact us to book an appointment, a receptionist may ask you some questions about your illness, such as:


  • A brief description of your illness.
  • How long you have felt ill.
  • Whether you are able to get to the surgery.


This helps us book the best type of appointment to treat the problem. It also helps other patients by preserving GP appointments for those with complex issues who need their advice.


Therefore, the receptionist may recommend that it is in your best interest to see or talk to:


GP or Advanced Clinical Practitioner: For general health problems, undiagnosed health problems, and ongoing health problems.


Clinical Pharmacist: For medication issues or concerns.


A Physiotherapist: For muscle or joint problems.


A Social Prescriber: For social problems such as housing or debt problems. Our social prescribers have access to a wide range or services that may help when a prescription is not the best form of treatment.


Mental Health Worker: For issues such as low mood, anxiety, stress or not feeling your usual self.


Local Community Services: For example, local charity run or council services.


Nursing Team: For advice and management long term conditions (such as Asthma or Diabetes) along with wound care dressings, immunisations, health checks, blood tests and vaccines.


Or one of the other options on the ‘Which NHS Service’ page


The offer made to you will also be based on availability. For example, you may need an appointment with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, but your preference may be with a GP. We will only be able to provide you with your preferred option if it is a) available and b) will not adversely affect other patients who may need a GP appointment.


Please remember to treat our staff with courtesy and respect. It is not always possible to see the person you wish to see immediately, so please be polite and patient, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Which clinician best meets my need?


We employ a wide range of clinicians to address different health problems. It is, therefore, important that an appointment with a GP is booked only when there is a clinical need for such an appointment. If a GP appointment is definitely required, please inform the reception and discuss with them whether you require a face-to-face or telephone appointment, or a home visit.


When booking an appointment, you may be offered (or can request) an appointment with one of the following clinicians: an advanced nurse practitioner, a clinical paramedic practitioner, a clinical pharmacist, a physiotherapist, a specialist practice nurse, a treatment room practice nurse, or a healthcare assistant. Each of these professionals specialises in their given area as follows:


General health problems, undiagnosed health problems, and ongoing health issues can be managed by an advanced nurse practitioner or clinical paramedic practitioner (they will always seek a GP’s opinion if required).


Medication issues or concerns, new medication requests, or changes to your current repeat medication can be managed by our clinical pharmacist.


Muscle or joint problems can be addressed by a physiotherapist.


The management of long-term conditions (such as asthma or diabetes), along with wound care, dressings, immunisations, health checks, phlebotomy, and vaccines, will be handled by our practice nursing team, supported by our healthcare assistants.


Complex health problems, issues out of the competency of our other staff, or health problems that require medical input, will need to be managed by a GP.


If you are uncertain which service you need, the receptionist will guide you through the screening triage questions so that you can be offered the most appropriate service to meet your medical needs.

How to access care out of hours (when we are closed)


Our GP surgery ensures that our patients have continuous access to healthcare services, even outside of our regular operating hours. For any medical needs during the out-of-hours period, our patients are encouraged to contact the NHS 111 service. This service is your first point of call for non-emergency healthcare advice and support when our practice is closed. Please note that while our practice does not directly provide services outside of normal hours, these services are commissioned on our behalf by the local Integrated Care Board (ICB).


The ICB is responsible for ensuring that all patients have access to necessary healthcare services during the out-of-hours period, including evenings, weekends, and public holidays.


By calling 111, patients will be directed to the most appropriate service for their condition, whether it's advice, a local pharmacy, an urgent care center, or an out-of-hours GP consultation. This arrangement ensures that our patients receive timely and appropriate care, regardless of when they need it.

More information on our eConsultation service


Our GP Surgery is proud to make available an eConsultation service through, designed to provide comprehensive and convenient care for a range of clinical conditions. Each consultation is meticulously reviewed by a fully qualified practitioner who is committed to delivering personalized care. Depending on your needs, our expert team can provide advice, treatment, medication, referrals, or, if necessary, arrange a further appointment for more in-depth support. Normally available during our opening hours for your convenience, our eConsultation service guarantees a response within 2 working days, although we typically respond within just 1 working day. This service ensures that you receive timely and effective healthcare, right from the comfort of your own home."

How do you manage my chronic disease?


We have a recall system in place that ensures patients are recalled for chronic disease reviews on an annual basis (or more frequently if necessary), depending on specific health needs and medical recommendations. Our recall system operates regularly each week, utilising a sophisticated database to track and identify patients who are due for a review of their chronic condition.


This system is designed to manage a range of chronic diseases effectively, including but not limited to diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and heart disease. Here’s how it works:


Identification Process: Patients’ health records are continuously updated and analysed. If you are due for a follow-up based on the latest treatment guidelines and your last review date, our system will automatically flag your record.


Notification: Once flagged, a notification is sent to both the healthcare team and you, the patient, via SMS, email, or a telephone call, depending on your preferred method of contact. This ensures that you do not miss your crucial reviews.


Scheduling: You can then contact our reception to book an appointment at a convenient time. Alternatively, in some cases, our staff might ring you directly to arrange a time.


Preparation for the Review: Before your appointment, our healthcare staff review your past medical history, any recent tests, and responses to treatment to tailor the consultation specifically to your needs.


The Appointment: During the review, our healthcare staff will assess your current health status, discuss any new symptoms, review your medication adherence and any side effects, and adjust your treatment plan as necessary. Lifestyle advice and support services are also reviewed and updated to help manage your condition effectively.


Continuous Monitoring: If your condition requires more frequent monitoring, we may schedule interim reviews or advise more regular contact with our team. For patients with stable conditions, annual reviews may suffice.


Our goal is to provide personalised care that adapts to your evolving health needs, ensuring optimal management of your chronic disease. This proactive approach not only helps in maintaining your health but also reduces the risk of complications associated with chronic diseases.

What do I do if I need a home visit?


If you think you require a home visit, please call the surgery as soon as possible, and we will arrange for a clinician to call you back the same day to discuss your request. We visit patients who are defined as housebound, have a diagnosis of acrophobia, or are receiving palliative care. The reason for this is that we have diagnostic equipment and medication on-site that we are unable to take with us when visiting a patient at home.

What do I do if I have a medical query?


If you have a medication query, rest assured that there are several convenient options available to address your concerns. For non-urgent queries, you can complete an online consultation by clicking on the link at the top of our webpage. This allows you to communicate directly with our team at a time that suits you. Alternatively, you may choose to discuss your query with the relevant clinician during your next review appointment. Your local pharmacy is also a valuable resource for medication advice and information. However, if your query is urgent and requires immediate attention, please do not hesitate to call the Practice. You can request a telephone or face-to-face appointment, or ask for a message to be passed on to your GP. We are here to ensure that your medication needs are met with the utmost care and efficiency.

How can I find a local pharmacy?


To find a local pharmacy in your area within England, we recommend using the NHS's official 'Find a Pharmacy' service. Simply visit the NHS website and navigate to the 'Services near you' section, or directly access the NHS Find a Pharmacy page. Here, you can enter your postcode to generate a list of the closest pharmacies to you, complete with detailed information such as opening hours, services offered, and contact details. This tool is specifically designed to help you locate the most convenient pharmacy for your needs, whether it's for picking up prescriptions, seeking advice on medications, or accessing other health services. Our Practice also maintains a list of local pharmacies we work closely with, so feel free to contact us for recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Test results


At our Practice, we are committed to ensuring you are promptly informed about your test results. If your test results require any further action, rest assured that we will contact you directly. However, we understand that you might have concerns or queries about your results. In such cases, please feel free to contact the Practice after 10 AM each day, but we kindly ask that you allow 5 days to have passed since your blood test was taken. This waiting period allows us enough time to receive and thoroughly review your results. Your health and peace of mind are of the utmost importance to us, and we are here to address any concerns you may have regarding your test outcomes

About proxy access


At our GP surgery, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive care to all our patients, including those who may not be able to manage their health affairs independently. To accommodate this, we will soon offer Proxy Access—a service that allows a designated person, such as a family member, caregiver, or legal guardian, to access or manage parts of your healthcare on your behalf. This can include booking appointments, ordering repeat prescriptions, and viewing medical records, ensuring that those in your care circle can support your health needs effectively. Our practice follows strict confidentiality and data protection guidelines to ensure that your health information is secure and that access is granted only after thorough verification and consent processes. If you believe Proxy Access could benefit you or someone you care for, please contact our reception for more information on how to set up this service.


For more information on Proxy Access, click here.

Update your information we hold about you


Keeping your contact details up to date is crucial for us to provide you with the best possible care and ensure that you receive important information about your health without delay. At our GP surgery, you can update your personal details in several convenient ways:


  • You can call us directly, where our friendly staff will assist you in updating your information.
  • Alternatively, you can use our contact form available on our website (link provided above) to submit your details securely online.
  • If you prefer a more personal touch, you are always welcome to visit us in person at the surgery.


Whichever method you choose, we make it easy and hassle-free to ensure your records are current, allowing us to keep in touch and provide the care you need, when you need it.

Named GP and how we assign you one


At our Practice, every patient is assigned a Named GP whose primary role is to oversee the appropriateness of the care and services you receive. It's important to note that your Named GP may not always be the clinician who provides your day-to-day care. This is because our practice boasts a diverse team of clinical staff, each with their own set of skills and specialisms. Our approach is to ensure that you are seen by the most appropriate person for your specific health needs, whether that's a GP, nurse, or specialist. The Named GP, often the GP Lead of the Practice, ensures a high standard of care across the board, coordinating with all GPs and nurses. This model allows us to maintain a holistic and comprehensive care environment for all our patients. While your Named GP oversees the quality of care provided, we encourage you to be open to consulting with any of our skilled clinicians, ensuring you receive the most suitable care promptly. Assigning patients to the GP Lead also facilitates a consistent and overarching quality control, guaranteeing that the care you receive from any member of our clinical team meets our high standards.


Please note, when you need care, you always have the right to express a preference of clinician. You can do this at the time you book or request an appointment and we will do our best to accommodate your request or offer a reasonable alternative.


Whichever method you choose, we make it easy and hassle-free to ensure your records are current, allowing us to keep in touch and provide the care you need, when you need it.

Find your NHS number

An NHS number is a unique 10-digit code assigned to you when you register with the NHS. This number is a crucial part of your healthcare identity in the UK, ensuring that health professionals can quickly and accurately access your health records, prescriptions, and any other medical information. Having your NHS number to hand can streamline appointments, emergency care, and interactions with various healthcare services, making it easier for you to get the care you need when you need it. If you're unsure of your NHS number or need to find it for any reason, you can easily do so by visiting the official NHS website at This service provides a straightforward way to retrieve your NHS number securely, requiring just a few personal details to help identify you. Knowing your NHS number is a step towards more efficient and personalized healthcare.

About our Smartphone App and the NHS App

Discover seamless healthcare at your fingertips with our "Bramley Health" smartphone app, available for download on Google Play and the App Store. Designed to enhance your healthcare experience, the app offers instant access to essential information about our Practice, enabling you to contact us effortlessly. Whether you wish to start an online consultation, explore our services, or have queries that need answers, "Bramley Health" puts control into the palm of your hand. It's a convenient, user-friendly platform that ensures you're always connected to the support and care you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Download it below:


The NHS App is a groundbreaking digital gateway, offering users across the UK convenient access to a wide range of National Health Service features and services. With this app, patients can easily book appointments, request repeat prescriptions, view their medical records, and access personalised health advice. Additionally, it serves as a digital hub for COVID-19 vaccine status and testing information. The NHS App prioritises security and privacy, ensuring that your health data is safe and accessible only to you. It's an essential tool for anyone looking to manage their health and healthcare interactions seamlessly, directly from their smartphone.


To download the NHS App, click here.

Our role in training clinicians

At our GP surgery, we are proud to contribute to the development and education of the next generation of healthcare professionals. We are committed to the teaching and training of a wide range of healthcare practitioners, including trainee General Practitioners (GPs), medical students, nursing students, and other trainee clinical professionals. Our practice offers a supportive and enriching environment where trainees can gain hands-on experience, learn from our experienced team, and engage directly with patients under supervision.


Our involvement in training reflects our commitment to high standards of care, continuous professional development, and the future of healthcare in our community. Trainees are carefully supervised by our qualified staff, ensuring that patient care remains at the forefront of their learning experience. This approach not only aids their educational journey but also enhances the quality of care provided to our patients by incorporating the latest techniques and knowledge into our practice.


We believe that by hosting and mentoring trainees, we are not only investing in their future but also in the continuous improvement of patient care within our practice. Our patients have the opportunity to contribute to the training process, providing an invaluable experience for trainees while maintaining the high level of care our patients expect and deserve.


For patients, engaging with trainees means access to the latest in healthcare thinking and an additional layer of support, as trainees are eager to apply their learning in real-world settings. We encourage our patients to support our educational endeavors, as they play a crucial role in shaping the healthcare professionals of tomorrow.

Our practice ensures that all teaching and training activities comply with the relevant standards and regulations, guaranteeing that both patient care and educational outcomes meet the highest standards.

About NHS directory of services

Our healthcare system strives to ensure that you receive the right care, at the right time, by the right healthcare provider. To support this, the NHS has implemented the Access to Service Information (A2SI) Directory of Services Standard. This initiative ensures healthcare professionals have immediate access to up-to-date information about healthcare services across the system, helping to streamline your referral process to the most appropriate services based on your specific needs. While this tool is primarily designed for use by healthcare professionals to improve care coordination and referral efficiency, it reflects our commitment to enhancing your healthcare experience and outcomes.


For more information on how the NHS works to improve patient care and service coordination, please visit NHS website or NHS Digital.

How do I have a say in the health care you are offering?

The Practice has a patient participation group (PPG). If you would like to join our PPG group or find out more information, please click here.


We aim to conduct a patient survey twice a year. For our latest survey results, please click here.


The NHS friends and family test (FFT) is a questionnaire we routinely ask at the end of our E-consultations. For our latest FFT results, please click here.


We also have a patient comment box on the reception desk. Please feel free to leave us a comment, whether a compliment, complaint or suggestion.


If you have a complaint or suggestion about the Practice, you can do this:

  • Online by visiting our contact section
  • Writing to Practice Address, addressing the letter to the ‘Practice Manager’.