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Live locally or further afield? 

With the exception of home visits, as long as you live in England you can register with our

GP Practice and start using our wide range of online services as well as our

normal location-based services. 


When you register with us, you can download our smartphone app and secure text message a real clinician or care navigator for advice, support or help. You will also be able to book a video or telephone consultation as well as our normal face-to-face services.


Say goodbye to AI and say hello to online healthcare by real health professionals!

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If you are registered with us, you can start your consultation online now.


We will ask you the same questions you would be asked during a face to face or telephone consultation.  Your answers will be reviewed by a real clinician who will agree with you next steps (prescription, referral, recommendation for a diagnostic or blood and test, for example).


Of course, if you subsequently need to be seen face to face, for a physical examination for example, we will make the appointment for you.




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Bramley Village Health and Wellbeing Centre

16 Highfield Road

Bramley, Leeds

LS13 2BL

Tel: 0113 2563250

Cottingley GP Surgery
115 Cottingley Approach


LS11 0HJ

Tel: 0113 295 4388

Middleton Park Surgery
Middleton Park Avenue

Middleton, Leeds

LS10 4HT

Tel: 0113 467 7522